The Shoesing Awards – an annual competition that is held among the shoe service professionals in order to preserve and develop the best traditions of footwear care, exchange knowledge and experience, increase level of skill and promote this type of service.

Footwear is evidently an essential part of wardrobe, a basis on which this or that image is created. Footwear can tell about its owner much more than any other subject of clothes becoming one of the main ways of self-expression. Connoisseurs know each pair "by sight", remember history of its acquisition and treat it as a showpiece of a valuable collection wishing to keep its appearance as long as possible and to prolong its age.

Quality requirement in shoe care service grows every year, while the actual quality level often remains rather low. Regrettably, only few craftsmen see into types of footwear, materials of which it is made and special aspects of care.

Necessity to unite experts in order to formulate the basic principles of service delivery, demonstrate skill level and exchange experience is evident, that is why an annual professional event – The Shoesing Awards – was created. The first event took place on 20th April 2017 and was met with great interest by both professionals and connoisseurs of footwear.